Can you soak your feet when gout breaks out?

As a chronic disease, gout will not only affect people’s health, but also affect their lives and work. Moreover, patients will also bring severe pain when they attack, so can they soak their feet when gout attacks?

Never soak your feet for patients during gout attack, because most acute gout attacks mainly focus on your feet, and even have fever, severe pain or redness. If you soak your feet during this period, it will promote the blood circulation of your feet, make the swelling of your feet more obvious, or aggravate the pain.

What should gout patients pay attention to?

1. Don’t eat hot pot. Although the hot pot is delicious and there are many dishes, it seems to give people a feeling that it can satisfy the intake of many nutrients. However, hot pot also contains a lot of irritating substances and seafood, which is extremely harmful to gout patients.

2. Don’t drink alcohol. Alcohol also contains a lot of irritating substances, especially beer, which will lead to a sharp increase in uric acid level in the body, thus increasing the probability of gout recurrence or the pain of gout.

3. Pay attention to rest. Gout patients should also try to avoid some physical labor, and ensure adequate sleep, not staying up late. Only in this way can the uric acid level in the body be controlled. To prevent the onset of gout, or to alleviate gout.

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