Can you still ovulate after abortion?

Women can terminate pregnancy through abortion, but women should avoid abortion as far as possible, because it is harmful to health, especially to the health of uterus. If people are induced many times, it may also cause habitual abortion. After a woman is pregnant, menstruation and ovulation will stop. So, will you still ovulate after abortion?

When a woman is pregnant, ovulation will disappear and menstruation will be suspended, which is a normal physiological phenomenon. However, women will continue to ovulate after abortion, but it will take some time to recover. Most women ovulate about 20 days after abortion, and their menstruation will recover about 30 days later.

If women haven’t had menstruation 40 days after abortion, they should be vigilant. At this time, it is best to go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible, and have a B-ultrasound examination of uterine cavity, which can observe the condition of endometrium, and see if it is caused by abortion, which leads to delayed recovery of menstruation.

Women should avoid sharing a room after abortion, otherwise it will easily lead to infection and some gynecological diseases. Women should wait until they are fully recovered before considering the problem of sharing a room. In addition, ovulation after abortion will occur before menstruation, so even before menstruation, contraception must be carried out in the same room to avoid continuous pregnancy.

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