Can you use Kaisailu for hematochezia in late pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a very hard process, especially when the pregnant mother reaches the third trimester, her stomach will obviously increase, which is accompanied by various inconveniences in life. At the same time, the body will often feel very tired, and even defecation becomes difficult. So can Kaisailu be used for hematochezia in the third trimester?

Whether Kaisailu can be used for hematochezia in late pregnancy should be judged according to individual circumstances. If hematochezia is accompanied by difficulty in defecation, Kaisailu can be used for enema at this time to help defecation. If it is just hematochezia without difficulty in defecation, it is not recommended to use Kaisailu.

Although hematochezia in the third trimester is a common symptom, it is mostly caused by constipation due to the large abdomen, which affects defecation. It may also be caused by hemorrhoids, and Kaisailu is only an item used to help defecate, but it cannot treat the symptoms of hematochezia, so it is suggested that pregnant mothers can judge whether Kaisailu is needed according to their own situation.

Therefore, it is suggested that women in the third trimester can eat some light and digestible diet if defecation is difficult, and that pregnant mothers can go to a regular hospital for examination and be treated according to the examination results to improve some local discomfort symptoms of pregnant mothers.

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