Can you wash the bottom after abortion?

Women who have just finished abortion can still carry out normal activities if there is nothing serious about their health. Some women will feel very wet and uncomfortable. They need to be cleaned again before they can keep clean, but they dare not clean at will, for fear of causing harm. So, can they wash the bottom after abortion?

After abortion, women can wash the lower part. Women should ensure the hygiene of their pudenda, and they can wash their lower parts with warm water every day. Because washing the vulva will not affect the uterus to recover, so there is no need to worry too much. B-ultrasound should be reexamined after operation to check the recovery of uterus. Don’t have sex too soon. Pay attention to local hygiene at ordinary times. If you have sex again in the future, you should take contraceptive measures to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

There is a recovery process of uterus, and there will be a small amount of bleeding after operation, accompanied by abdominal pain. In addition to cleaning pudenda, sanitary napkins should be frequently changed to avoid bacterial growth. If the body is weak, anti-infection treatment should be carried out to prevent intrauterine infection and some complications.

Most of them are weak after abortion. If they are pregnant too early, women will lack physical strength, which will easily lead to fetal dysplasia, resulting in spontaneous abortion. For women who have the chance of pregnancy, it is recommended to get pregnant after half a year. If there are other abnormalities in the body, it is necessary to recuperate first, and be alert to the sequelae of abortion.

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