Can zinc supplement control oil?

Women want to make their skin smooth and flawless. However, some women belong to oily skin, especially in summer, when the skin is particularly oily, their faces look shiny and very ugly. So many women want to control oil. So, can zinc supplementation control oil?

1. Supplementing zinc can achieve the effect of oil control. Zinc contains the components of Pollution Control Agency zinc+zinc gluconate, which can control oil. Zinc supplementation can also be dietotherapy. Go to a drugstore to buy zinc gluconate or protein zinc, oysters, walnuts, egg yolk, seafood, etc., but don’t eat too much, which may cause zinc poisoning.

2. Some acne patients contain less zinc in their blood, which affects the metabolism of various zinc-containing enzymes in the body and promotes abnormal secretion of sebaceous glands, even inflammation. Therefore, for intractable acne, zinc supplementation should be combined with anti-inflammatory drugs. Pay attention to light diet during acne, and don’t eat spicy and irritating food. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits rich in venture capital. Don’t stay up late, don’t be too stressed.

After reading this article, do you know that zinc can control oil? Zinc gives everyone the feeling that when children have a bad appetite, they should be supplemented with zinc, but they don’t know that zinc can also control oil and remove acne. Although zinc has many functions, people should pay attention not to eat too much when supplementing zinc, because eating too much zinc will lead to poisoning.

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