Can’t you take a cold bath with fever?

Fever is very common, and people with poor health tend to get sick easily, which has a great influence on their own lives, so they should be treated in time. If it is not serious, it can generally be alleviated by strengthening nursing measures. So, can’t fever be taken in a cold bath?

Fever can’t take a cold bath, which will aggravate the symptoms, and the pores of the body will be blocked, which will affect the body’s heat dissipation. Instead, it will make the symptoms of fever more serious. In case of fever, the patient can’t sweat under the quilt, which can’t reduce fever, but will cause dehydration symptoms, make the body collapse more and reduce the resistance.

During fever, patients should drink plenty of plain boiled water, which is beneficial to replenish body fluids in time and expel toxins from the body. Exercise should be increased at ordinary times to enhance the body’s resistance, but do not take strenuous activities, so as to avoid wasting physical strength.

Patients should find out the cause of fever, so as to prescribe the right medicine. Bacterial virus infection is common. After the disease is fully recovered, patients can rest assured to take a bath, but the water temperature should not be too low. It is best not to take a cold bath. At the same time, care should be taken to avoid catching cold. The temperature difference between indoor and outdoor should not be too large, and more bed rest should be taken. During the fever, the appetite is not very good, and the digestion ability is also weakened. Although eggs are rich in nutrients, they are not suitable for eating more during the fever.

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