Can’t you wash your hair with fever?

If the constitution is weak, it is easy to have a cold and fever when the weather changes suddenly. Because when you have a fever, the whole person will be weak, especially if you sweat in summer. If you don’t wash your clothes at this time, you will feel that the whole person is particularly unclean. However, some people are afraid that if you wash your head during the fever, it will aggravate your illness. So can’t you wash your hair if you have a fever?

In fact, you can wash your hair in a feverish state, so you only need to pay attention to drying it in time after washing your hair, and don’t catch cold. Moreover, hair washing can actually play a good role in removing heat, which can help to reduce the temperature to a certain extent.

Because when you have a fever, your body will be very uncomfortable, so you should take some measures in time to help you get rid of the fever. How should you get rid of the fever?

First, keep warm. If you have a fever when the weather is extremely cold, you must pay more attention to keep warm, otherwise it may aggravate the fever.

Second, drink plenty of water, which can help your body sweat and cool down. In addition, drinking plenty of water can promote urination and remove toxins from your body to a certain extent.

Third, you can take some antipyretics. If you feel very uncomfortable, you can take some antipyretics to help you get rid of your fever.

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