Caught a cold tinnitus how to return a responsibility?

I believe everyone has had a cold, which is a very common disease. Generally, after catching a cold, most people will have symptoms such as runny nose, cough and sore throat, and sometimes they will have a fever. Some people have symptoms of tinnitus after catching a cold. So, what happened to a cold and tinnitus?

When a cold occurs, the symptoms of tinnitus may be caused by the patient’s stuffy nose, which affects the sleep quality. When you often have poor sleep, you are prone to tinnitus, which is caused by neurological factors. Therefore, when the nose of a cold patient is not ventilated, some nasal drops can be used.

Tinnitus may also be caused by ear diseases. After catching a cold, there will be a lot of snot in the nasal cavity. When the patient blows his nose hard, some inflammatory secretions may enter the middle ear cavity, which may lead to inflammation. If you have otitis media, you will basically have tinnitus symptoms.

No matter what causes tinnitus, everyone should pay attention to it. It is best to go to the hospital for an examination, such as pure tone audiometry, acoustic impedance, etc., so that we can know the cause of tinnitus and then do targeted treatment. If tinnitus is caused by nerve factors, it is better solved, as long as the sleep quality is changed, but when otitis media is suffered, the treatment time is longer.

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