Causes of fever caused by colds.

Cold is a very common disease in autumn and winter. If the resistance is poor, it is easy to catch a cold. Although the cold is not a serious disease, it also needs treatment. Adults will soon recover from a cold, but children will have poor resistance and recover slowly, and it is easy to cause fever. So what is the cause of fever caused by a cold?

A cold can cause fever mainly because there is inflammation in the body, which will be aggravated after a cold, so it is easy to have a fever when a cold occurs. If hidden inflammation is not treated for a long time, it will affect health, so we must find out the cause and treat it according to the right medicine, so as to alleviate the cold and fever.

If you have a cold and fever caused by wind and cold, your body will feel weak and your body temperature will rise, so you must measure your body temperature regularly. If the body temperature is lower than 38.5 degrees, it is necessary to take physical measures to reduce the temperature. You can take a warm bath or wipe the whole body with a wet towel, which can reduce the temperature. If the body temperature exceeds 38.5 degrees, take some antipyretics to avoid convulsions caused by body temperature and height.

Be sure to have more rest during a cold, and enough sleep time will make you get better faster. After getting sick, your appetite will get worse, so you should pay attention to your diet. It’s best to eat lightly. You can cook porridge or noodles, which is easy to digest and absorb. And vegetables and fruits can be eaten properly, so it is necessary to supplement vitamins in time.

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