Causes of recurrent gastrointestinal cold.

Many people will catch a cold because of some circumstances, and even some people don’t even know the cause of their own cold. In fact, there are many causes of colds, so there are many types of colds, among which gastrointestinal colds are common. So what are the causes of repeated gastrointestinal colds?

First, the gastrointestinal function itself is relatively weak. If the patient’s own constitution is weak and the gastrointestinal function is not good, it is easy to cause the gastrointestinal infection by virus or bacteria if he does not pay attention to the hygiene of diet in daily life. Therefore, eating some irritating food may lead to gastrointestinal cold.

Second, most people are allergic to some foods that cause allergies, but there are differences. If you eat foods that cause allergies, it will easily cause irritation to the stomach, which will lead to cold symptoms.

Third, cold 空 qi will also stimulate the stomach. Cold 空 is especially easy to occur when the weather is cold. If you don’t do a good job of keeping warm at this time, you may easily have symptoms of gastrointestinal cold.

Therefore, if your stomach is weak, you must keep warm, and you can’t eat too stimulating food, otherwise it will easily cause stomach cold.

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