Do pregnant women have multiple cysts that affect the fetus?

Many women may have a gynecological disease, that is, polycystic ovary. In this case, most people will have a lot of body hair, and there will be symptoms of obesity. If they do not take active treatment, they may also lead to infertility. However, if patients with polycystic ovary are pregnant, they will be particularly worried about whether this situation will affect the normal development of the fetus. So, how many polycystic ovaries do pregnant women affect the fetus?

In fact, polycystic fetus will have some influence, especially after pregnancy, patients with polycystic fetus will have higher possibility of abortion and premature delivery than normal people. However, when doing prenatal examination, if the fetus is developing normally and there are no other abnormal phenomena, in fact, there is no need to worry too much, and basically there will be no major problems.

But the better situation is that if polycystic ovary is found during antenatal examination, it is better to prepare for pregnancy after timely treatment. In fact, if polycystic ovary exists, there will always be some obvious symptoms, and women can also detect it.

For example, there will be abnormal menstruation, scanty menstruation and amenorrhea, which are all abnormal phenomena. Especially during menstruation, if accompanied by particularly severe dysmenorrhea, we must pay more attention.

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