Do women have serious hyperplasia of mammary glands?

In fact, many women now have various physical diseases, especially women have some gynecological diseases, such as breast diseases, which are very common, and breast hyperplasia is a very common one, and the incidence rate among younger women is also relatively high, so do women have serious breast hyperplasia?

In fact, hyperplasia of mammary glands is a common condition, and it is not neoplastic, so it belongs to a benign disease, so it is not too serious, but some people may have obvious symptoms after hyperplasia of mammary glands, so it will make people feel particularly serious.

So what kind of symptoms will there be after getting hyperplasia of mammary glands?

First of all, people with hyperplasia of mammary glands may feel obvious swelling pain or stabbing pain in their breasts before menstruation, but it will gradually decrease after menstruation ends. In fact, this may be a simple hyperplasia of mammary glands, which will not do much harm to the body.

Secondly, some people may find a hard lump when they touch it, and there will be different phenomena before and after menstruation, which may be obvious before menstruation, but the lump may become smaller after menstruation ends. Besides, they may feel a little pain when they touch it. If this is the case, the situation may be a bit serious, and they need to go to the hospital for related treatment.

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