Do women have spots due to yin deficiency?

Women suffering from yin deficiency often cause various symptoms, such as dry tongue or ruddy complexion, some are emaciated, prone to insomnia and dreaminess, and others will be upset and irritable. If these symptoms are not improved, they will affect normal life. So, will women suffer from yin deficiency cause spots?

Women with yin deficiency may grow spots. If they are not treated for a long time, they will cause endocrine disorders, which will lead to the phenomenon of spots. It is suggested that women can recuperate through traditional Chinese medicine. In addition, there are many reasons that lead to facial spots, such as long-term outdoor activities, but lack of proper sun protection, which will lead to facial spots. If you stay up late frequently and are too nervous, it will lead to endocrine disorders, which will also cause facial spots at this time.

No matter what causes the long spots, it will affect the beauty, which is very troublesome for women. At ordinary times, some methods can be used to relieve them. For example, self-made mask can remove spots, and brown sugar honey can have the effect of removing spots. It can be evenly applied on the face, gently massaged, and washed away with water. After a period of time, it can not only lighten spots, but also improve rough skin.

Diet can also improve skin condition. For example, carrot juice, which is rich in vitamin A, can lubricate skin and prevent freckles to some extent, and tomato juice, which is rich in vitamin C, can also eat tomatoes directly, all of which have the effect of removing freckles.

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