Do you get fat if you eat once in a while at night?

Modern people don’t worry about eating and drinking, but what worries them is that they eat too well and eat too much, and they can’t help the temptation of delicious food, which makes their bodies gradually become obese. In this age of popular weight loss, obesity is intolerable. So will you get fat if you eat it occasionally at night?

If you don’t eat and drink in other time periods, strictly control your diet, and are actively losing weight, you won’t gain weight if you eat once in a while at night.

Because the food we eat is a kind of heat, which is metabolized by the liver and converted into fat. Fat enters the blood, is transported to all parts of the body, and is evenly distributed in all parts of the body, so that fat is stored in the human body. If you consume a lot of calories every day, the liver will convert a lot of fat and store it every day, which will definitely become fat after a long time.

However, if the usual diet is well controlled and a big meal is occasionally eaten in the evening, then the heat needs to be converted into fat through liver metabolism. Occasionally, the calorie intake of a big meal will exceed the ability of the liver to convert fat, so the excess heat will be excreted instead of being converted into fat. Therefore, if the usual diet is well controlled, an occasional big meal in the evening will not become fat.

In fact, getting fat is the result of fat accumulation for a long time, and it is not a big meal once or twice that can make fat accumulation serious. So if you’re losing weight, you don’t have to feel stressed for an occasional big meal.

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