Do you need to stay in bed after abortion?

When many women are not ready for pregnancy, they may undergo abortion once they are pregnant. Personal care after abortion is also very important, because after abortion, the endometrium needs a certain period of recovery time, and they must not rush to get pregnant again. So do you need to stay in bed after abortion?

Usually, you must have a good rest after abortion. It is usually recommended to stay in bed for at least two weeks, and never take part in gravity and physical labor too early. It’s best not to get out of bed in the first three days after abortion to avoid uterine prolapse. After a period of rest, you should also check again to check your recovery.

At the same time, after abortion, we should not only stay in bed, but also have certain control over personal hygiene. Because the cervix needs to be opened for a period of time during abortion, we should always change underwear after abortion, and do not take a bath. Sex is strictly prohibited to avoid secondary infection. We should wear cotton underwear and clean parts regularly.

Therefore, women need to stay in bed after abortion, and at the same time, they should strengthen nutrition, avoid spicy and irritating food, pay attention to personal hygiene, and maintain a happy mood. If women’s mood is too low after abortion, it may also affect the postoperative recovery and the recovery of health.

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