Do you want 空 abdomen before abortion?

Female friends need to do many examinations before abortion, such as B-ultrasound, electrocardiogram and gynecological examination. There are many ways to induce abortion, among which drug abortion and painless abortion are common at present. Before abortion, women still need to do some preparatory work. So, do women need 空 abdomen before abortion?

Whether a woman needs 空 abdomen before abortion depends on the way of abortion, and it is not necessary to have 空 abdomen if medical abortion is performed. Moreover, medication should be taken continuously for three days in medical abortion, so there is no way to 空 abdomen. In addition, women don’t need 空 abdomen for ordinary human flow.

If women have painless abortion, they must have 空 abdomen before operation. Anesthetic drugs should be used when women undergo painless abortion, but vomiting may occur during operation. Because women will lose consciousness after using narcotic drugs, if they don’t have 空 abdomen, when vomiting occurs, it will easily lead to suffocation, which will endanger their lives.

Generally, on the day before painless abortion for women, after eating dinner, they can no longer eat and can only drink a small amount of water. And in the next morning, also can’t eat breakfast. Usually, after abortion, you need to stay in hospital for observation for several hours. So you can take some food with you when you go to the hospital and eat it after the operation.

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