Does a cold consume your body?

During the transition between spring and summer, the weather is hot and cold, and many people are troubled by the flu. Once they catch a cold, it will take half a month if their illness is long. The cold is always intermittent. If it develops seriously, it can even cause pneumonia, and it will take longer to cure. So, does the cold consume the body?

Cold consumes little to the body, but the body is weak, so the amount of activity is usually less, so the heat consumption is also less. Even during the illness, patients should pay more attention to diet. As long as they are not allergic or for other reasons, they should eat chicken soup in proper amount, but pay attention not to be fat. Colds are usually infected by viruses or bacteria, which is related to the decrease of immunity. Patients need more protein, so they need to consume enough protein to provide energy for the body.

Patients can not only drink chicken soup, but also eat some chicken and eggs properly, which are rich in protein, which can improve the body’s immunity. Boiled eggs are difficult to digest, which is not conducive to cold patients’ eating. You can try to make chicken cakes, which are soft and delicate and easy to digest.

Drink plenty of water during a cold. As long as it is beneficial to replenish water, patients should drink more. Besides, there are fruits and vegetables to supplement minerals for the body, which will help the recovery of the body. However, many people will have a bad appetite, so they should consider eating light and palatable, and drink some light porridge or some noodles in chicken soup.

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