Does catching a cold affect the physical examination?

After the human body catches a cold, all the indexes will change, so it is necessary to pay special attention to the examination. Some examination items are required, so it is best not to check in case of illness, so as not to affect the recovery of the disease, and there will be errors in the examination results. So, does a cold affect the on-the-job physical examination?

Cold affects the physical examination, because there are many types of cold, and the severity is different. If it is viral, it can be seen by routine blood examination, which will prompt the existence of inflammation, which will also affect the employment. It is necessary to make it clear before the physical examination. If it will cause influence, try to take the corresponding physical examination after the cold is cured, so as to ensure the accuracy of the results.

After the cold, the mental state is relatively poor. During blood examination, it will be found that the number of white blood cells increases, especially when the body is inflamed. If the symptoms of the cold are serious, especially when the cough is severe, chest X-ray examination will lead to errors in the results.

For patients with mild cold, it is recommended not to take drugs temporarily, so as to strengthen their rest and drink plenty of boiled water. As long as the immunity is not bad, they can generally be cured. If the symptoms still do not improve, drugs should be used for treatment, but drugs have certain effects on the liver. It is best to check blood routine and biochemistry after the cold recovers, so as not to have too much influence on the results.

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