Does constipation often make you fat?

In fact, for modern people, constipation has plagued many people. Although constipation is not a disease, it does make people feel a lot of discomfort in daily life. For those who love beauty, they are more worried that their bodies will be out of shape. So often constipation will make you fat?

If you eat too little dietary fiber, the intestinal peristalsis will be weakened due to lack of stimulation in the digestive tract, and the amount of defecation will be reduced accordingly. If this happens frequently, constipation will form. Feces are difficult to excrete, so toxins and wastes are difficult to be excreted normally, thus easily leading to obesity.

Lack of dietary fiber has certain adverse effects on health, and constipation is the most obvious symptom. If you don’t defecate regularly, the surplus food residues accumulated in your body will ferment abnormally and even rot in your body. Rotten food and feces that are not discharged regularly will produce a toxic substance, which will stimulate blood vessels and damage health to a certain extent. With more toxins in the body, it is easy to get fatter and fatter.

Insufficient dietary fiber intake also has certain influence on food digestion and absorption, and also weakens the function of regulating sugar and lipid metabolism. Food fiber can promote detoxification of human body. If you don’t eat enough food fiber, you will get fat.

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