Does dandelion cure hyperplasia of mammary glands?

When the hormone level in women is disordered and the mammary gland is strongly stimulated, there will be some changes. Breast hyperplasia is a problem that many women will face, and the early symptoms are not obvious. In the later period, there will be breast pain and other manifestations, so women should take timely measures. So, can dandelion cure breast hyperplasia?

Generally, dandelion can’t cure hyperplasia of mammary glands, but can only play the role of adjuvant treatment. After mashing dandelion, women can directly apply it to the affected part, which can alleviate the symptoms of pain. In addition, dandelion can be soaked in water to drink. It is effective for mild hyperplasia of mammary glands, and dandelion has the function of clearing away heat and toxic materials. However, for more serious cases, such as the formation of lumps or obvious nodules, it is not obvious to treat with dandelion alone. If necessary, surgical methods should be considered.

Besides dandelion can be treated, some Chinese herbal medicines can also be taken orally. Women can consult Chinese medicine practitioners and take medicines according to the doctor’s instructions. Chinese herbal medicines can be decocted with water or ground into powder and taken with boiling water.

For hyperplasia of mammary glands, women should not be too nervous. They should also adjust their personal mentality while treating. Unhealthy emotions are not conducive to the illness and may even recur. Therefore, women should actively cooperate with doctors and follow the doctor’s advice for treatment.

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