Does eating less black beans in your hair work?

Although some friends are young, they have already lost a lot of hair. In order to make themselves look younger, they will use wigs, but this method can treat the symptoms but not the root causes. Some people suggest eating black beans, which is said to promote hair growth. So, is it useful to eat less black beans in your hair?

Eating less black beans in hair works, but only if there is less hair caused by seborrheic alopecia, because black beans have a certain therapeutic effect on seborrheic alopecia. Thus, it can be seen that eating less hair caused by seborrheic alopecia can play a certain role in promoting hair growth. However, it is useless to eat black beans for hair loss caused by other reasons.

Black beans can be cooked and eaten. It is very simple to wash the black beans first, and then soak them in cold water. After the black beans are soaked, pour out the excess water, put the black beans into the pot, add a certain amount of clear water, boil them over high fire first, and then turn them over low heat to cook them. Wait until cooked, pick it up and dry it, then dry the moisture of the black beans, and finally add a proper amount of salt to taste.

Black beans can be made into soybean milk to drink. The production method is also very simple. First, soak the black beans, wash them and put them into a soya-bean milk machine, and then make them into black soya-bean milk. Then, cook the soya-bean milk. It is best to add a proper amount of white sugar to taste. It should be noted that black soybean milk should be cooked, otherwise it is easy to be poisoned.

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