Does flat foot insole have effect?

Flat foot is one of the diseases of children. Most children’s flat feet are congenital, but after correction, their symptoms can be improved. There are many ways to improve flat feet in life, among which flat foot insoles are also one, so is flat foot insoles effective?

Flat foot insoles have certain effects on correcting flat feet, but we should pay attention to the angle of insoles, and choose flat foot insoles according to the angle of inclination. Need to do a good correction, such as using some good quality insoles, you can go to a professional hospital to buy.

However, in some cases, there will be some accidents. For example, some flat feet will make some bigger mistakes because of carrying correction, which will lead to gradual twists and turns of the thigh. Therefore, attention must be paid in the process of correcting flat feet, especially if flat foot insoles are used for correction, and if they are used incorrectly, some sequelae may be caused.

The main reason caused by flat foot is that the front full arch has been under excessive pressure for a long time, and only by reducing the pressure of the front full arch can it be better corrected. Therefore, flat shoes will be more advantageous than shoes with heels. Patients with flat feet often use heel stress to relieve arch pressure and symptoms. They can do an experiment, such as barefoot or wearing flat shoes, stepping on a book in front foot and stepping on the ground in heel, to experience whether the symptoms of flat feet are alleviated.

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