Does induced labor have a great influence on follicular development and ovulation?

Description of illness (main symptoms, onset time):
There was massive hemorrhage one month after induction of labor, and after B-ultrasound examination, there were remnants in the uterus, and the menstruation was abnormal 2 years after curettage
. The treatment situation and effect were as follows: I often took natural folic acid orally, and I took Wuji Whitestorm Pills continuously, and in recent 2 months, the period was about 27 days (last month was the menstruation from July 17th,. Bright blood, no blood clots, no dysmenorrhea, etc.)
What kind of help do you want: I have already had a child, and I have had abortion twice and induced labor once. I want to have another child. Can I still get pregnant after seeing my condition? Please answer, thank you! If you need any examination, please tell me ~

whether menstruation is regular:
Age of first menstruation:
Days of each menstruation:
Average menstrual cycle days:
Menstruation volume, color, abdominal pain:
The latest menstruation.

Supplementary note: Does induced labor have a great influence on follicular development and ovulation?

Hello, I’m glad to answer your question. As long as the regular menstrual cycle shows that ovulation is regular after the operation of removing the uterus, you can get pregnant again in this case. Fertility will not affect the probability of pregnancy in the future. Don’t be overly nervous. It is suggested that you relax, keep your abdomen warm, keep your vulva clean and dry, go to the hospital continuously to monitor the development of follicles, and share the same room during ovulation. The pregnancy rate is relatively high

Hello! If menstruation returns to normal, and the quantity and cycle are normal, there should be ovulation in general. You can go to the hospital for ultrasonic examination to see if there is normal ovulation. Generally, it takes half a year to plan pregnancy after induced labor. During this period, attention should be paid to keeping regular daily life, quitting smoking and drinking, and avoiding contact with toxic and harmful substances.

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