Does regular exercise shrink yin?

After every woman gets married and gives birth to a child, her vagina will become more relaxed 2. In this case, women will choose some methods that can shrink yin to improve vaginal relaxation. In life, many women will choose the method of exercise to improve. So, will regular exercise shrink yin?

Vaginal relaxation is a problem that every postpartum woman especially wants to recover. Because vaginal relaxation is not only prone to bacterial infection, but also seriously affects the relationship between husband and wife. In life, many women will choose the method of exercise. Exercise can play a role in reducing yin, but it is also necessary to choose the right exercise suitable for reducing yin to achieve better results.

Women who exercise regularly may not have the effect of shrinking yin, but they will be healthier. If you want to use exercise to shrink yin, you should choose the right exercise program. Women can choose some exercise items suitable for shrinking yin at home in their daily life. Moreover, for the effect of shrinking yin, no exercise can achieve the effect at once. For regular exercise suitable for shrinking yin, the effect of shrinking yin can be achieved.

You can do some small moves at home to improve vaginal relaxation, such as lying on your back against the edge of the bed, and then sitting your hips on the edge of the bed properly, so that your legs are straight and in a hanging çİş shape. Hold the edge of the bed with your hands to prevent your body from slipping. Merge your legs, then slowly lift them up and close to your upper body. Keep your knees straight. When your legs reach above your body, hold your legs with both hands so that your legs lean toward your abdomen. Keep your knees straight, and then slowly put them down to restore their original posture.

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