Does shrinking dumbbells work?

Some women’s vaginal relaxation is particularly serious after giving birth, which affects the quality of sexual life. It is said that many people are using dumbbells to shrink vagina. However, there are many kinds of health care products in various names, and people will have doubts about their specific effects. So, does shrinking dumbbells work?

If a woman has vaginal relaxation, she can use a dumbbell with a good effect. It is ok to practice it once a day. Women may have urinary incontinence after giving birth, and the incidence of this phenomenon is relatively high, reaching 15-40%. If women cough loudly, urine will leak out, and vaginal swelling will occur. The use of shrinking dumbbells can help recovery.

Feminine dumbbell is a method by which women can shrink their vagina at home. It is a heavy object stuffed into the vagina. When women stand, they will shrink their vagina consciously to resist gravity, so as not to let the dumbbell fall out, thus achieving the effect of shrinking the vagina.

If you don’t have a dumbbell for shrinking the vagina, you can do more exercises to shrink the anus, and you can also achieve the function of shrinking the vagina. It is recommended to do three hundred times in two groups every day. When doing this action, relax the abdominal muscles to avoid that the abdominal pressure is too high to achieve the effect of exercise. You can also take the action of holding your urine, so that the pelvic floor muscles can contract. However, this action should pay attention to the right amount, and should not be excessive, so as to avoid inducing infection of urinary system, leading to frequent micturition, urgency and pain.

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