Eczema has been pregnant for many years. How to treat it?

Eczema is mainly caused by dampness, heat, effects and allergy, and its main manifestation is itching or partial manifestation. So, how to treat eczema after years of pregnancy?

First of all, we should adjust our mentality, don’t be too nervous, and avoid eating spicy seafood which is easy to be allergic. It can be treated with anti-allergic drugs for oral use and external use, which has a good effect and can be cured quickly, and these drugs will not cause abnormal fetal development. However, it is not recommended to use hormone-containing drugs during pregnancy. You can use some antipruritic lotion.

Eczema is a severe skin inflammatory reaction caused by various internal and external factors. Because of its complexity, the etiology of the disease is not clear in science at present, and it is attributed to immune injury or immune disorder. The internal causes may be chronic digestive system diseases, mental stress, insomnia, excessive fatigue, emotional changes, endocrine disorders, infections, innovation obstacles, etc. External factors may be induced by changes in living environment, climate change, allergic food, sun exposure, dryness, extreme heat, hot water bath, various animal furs, plants, artificial fibers, cosmetics, rice mats, paints, formaldehyde, disinfectants, etc. The course of disease is uncertain, easy to relapse, and the disease will not heal for a long time. Eczema is a kind of delayed hypersensitivity that occurs on the skin, which is probably related to indigestion and intestinal diseases.

Sometimes patients see exudative red rash on their skin, which is thought to be prickly heat, and apply talcum powder, which will only make the skin drier and aggravate eczema. Some people think eczema is heavy “moisture”, so smoking with wormwood water and hot water will make the skin stretch because of dryness and heat. Some people also think that eczema is “hot air”, and when it is wiped with chrysanthemum water, the skin loses water due to evaporation, and eczema becomes more and more serious.

In short, the onset of eczema is caused by the interaction of various factors. It is necessary to eliminate all suspicious pathogenic factors and prevent various external influences. Insisting on physical exercise can also reduce the damage of eczema or disappear naturally. In addition, overwork and mental stress should be prevented.

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