Effect of cold on sperm quality.

Cold is very common, often when the weather changes, cold symptoms appear, patients should be recuperated in time, and generally they can get better soon. For couples who are pregnant, more attention should be paid to physical care. So, the impact of cold on sperm quality?

Cold has an impact on sperm quality, because decreased immunity will hinder the ability of testis to produce sperm. If you take drugs, it will also have a certain impact on reproductive system, which will easily affect the quality of embryos. If there is a plan to prepare for pregnancy, it is recommended to wait for the cold to heal before sharing a room to prevent the cold from infecting each other, and sharing a room is not conducive to the recovery of the cold. At ordinary times, patients should exercise properly to enhance their immunity and improve their ability to resist viruses.

In order to make sperm healthy and energetic, men need to quit smoking and alcohol, because alcohol and tobacco will do harm to the body and impair sperm motility, and if they drink alcohol for a long time, it will also affect sperm motility. If sperm motility is low, it is necessary to supplement trace elements, including zinc, copper and magnesium.

There are many factors affecting sperm motility, such as vitamin deficiency and frequent exposure to chemical poisons. Therefore, to develop good living habits and prevent poor sperm quality, men are also the key to fertility. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain good health and prevent diseases. In addition, pre-pregnancy examination should be done to understand sperm motility.

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