Facial allergy symptoms in spring.

It’s easy to get allergic in spring. If you don’t pay attention and come into contact with allergens in your life, you will get allergic. Many people have facial allergies in spring, while some people don’t know much about allergies, and when they have allergies, they don’t know. Next, let’s find out what are the symptoms of facial allergy in spring.

1. The skin is red. People with facial allergies will have redness of their skin. Patients with allergies must stay away from places with allergens, especially some plant parks. If you have catkins and other plants around you, you’d better wear a mask when going out.

2. Itchy face or skin. Itching is the main symptom of skin allergy, and the change of seasons will also cause skin itching. Besides, some cosmetics, shower gel and clothes will also cause skin allergy and itching. Therefore, it is very important to find allergens effectively.

3. During the allergic period, don’t eat seafood if you can. Because a large part of allergies are caused by seafood, if you don’t pay attention, you may get worse. Try to eat more light food to avoid secondary allergies.

Different allergies and different people will have different symptoms. In a word, if allergy occurs in spring, patients should first adjust their diet and avoid spicy food to aggravate their illness. Try to avoid going to crowded places during allergy, and had better rest at home.

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