Food unfit for pregnant women.

Pregnant women should not only keep a good mood in their daily life, adjust their work schedules and mentality and pay attention to safety when going out, but also pay special attention to their diet. In diet, pregnant women need to supplement a lot of nutrition, eat on time, and mix meat and vegetables. So what foods should pregnant women not eat?

1. canned food. Canned food contains many additives, such as flavors and pigments. Although these additives have little effect on healthy people, excessive intake by pregnant women will affect fetal development.

2. High-sugar food. Sugar is not an essential nutrient for human body. If you eat too much sugary food, such as cakes, drinks and sweets, it will make pregnant women gain too much weight, and may also cause gestational diabetes.

3. High-fat food. Especially fried food, is not only greasy, but also has the risk of gaining weight.

4. Pickled or smoked foods: such as sausages, bacon, etc., not only lose their nutrients, but also increase harmful substances.

5. Snacks: Snacks with MSG must not be eaten, because it will have a bad influence on the baby’s brain development. Including popcorn, beef jerky, fried chicken wings, etc., which is not conducive to fetal development.

6. Seafood, such as soft-shelled turtle, crab, salted fish, tuna and snakehead, must not be eaten, because the resistance of pregnant women is inherently low. If you eat seafood, it will definitely affect the fetus.

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