How about drinking Jiang Shui for a cold?

Many people know that ginger has many benefits, and there are many folk proverbs about the efficacy of ginger, but many people can’t stand the taste of ginger. After all, this ginger tastes spicy and exciting. If you are not used to the taste of ginger, you can actually drink Jiang Shui, that is, ginger is boiled and drunk with water. Then, how about drinking Jiang Shui for a cold?

Whether drinking Jiang Shui can play a certain role depends on what kind of cold it is. If it’s a clear nose and accompanied by itchy throat, it’s probably a cold of wind-cold nature. It is ok to drink Jiang Shui for cold type cold, because ginger water has a certain effect of dispelling cold and relieving exterior syndrome.

Because Jiang Shui is hot, Jiang Shui is not suitable for other types of colds. Especially the wind-heat cold, because Jiang Shui is hot. If you drink Jiang Shui for this type of cold, it is very likely that the symptoms of the cold will become more serious. Distinguishing wind-heat cold mainly depends on symptoms such as yellow nose and sore throat.

For women, Jiang Shui can not only promote blood circulation and relieve constipation, but also dispel cold and warm, so it can play a certain role in warming the palace. In addition, Jiang Shui can also treat oral inflammation, relieve neurasthenia and prevent arteriosclerosis. For women, boiling shredded ginger in hot water and drinking honey are beneficial to improving skin condition.

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