How about using baby cream for adults?

Your baby’s skin can be broken by blowing bullets, so it needs careful care. Parents should be careful when choosing creams for your baby. Choosing creams that are good for your skin can better care for your baby’s skin and make it more tender. Seeing that baby cream has good skin care consumption, many adults also want to use it, how about adults using baby cream?

Baby cream contains many substances that are good for skin, such as vaseline, vitamin B, etc., which is less irritating to skin. Children can use it, and adults can also use it, but the skin care effect is not ideal. After all, the formula of baby cream is relatively simple. Children’s skin is more tender and moist than adult’s. Baby creams only have moisturizing ingredients, while adult’s skin not only needs hydrating. Therefore, always using baby cream can’t meet the nursing needs of skin, which will make the skin worse and worse.

In fact, it is very difficult for children to absorb the nutrients in baby creams, and baby creams are made according to the skin of different ages. Children can better absorb the nutrients in the creams when they use the skin. The cuticle of adult skin is thick and lacks moisture, so it is difficult to give better care to the skin simply by using baby cream.

Adults can overdo it with baby cream when they are allergic to skin, but it is not recommended to use baby face for a long time. In this way, many skin problems can’t be solved, but will make the skin worse and worse. Adults can use baby cream, but babies must not use adult skin care products.

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