How big is gastric ulcer?

Nowadays, many people suffer from stomach diseases, such as gastritis, gastric ulcer and so on, and the incidence rate is relatively high. When people suffer from gastric ulcer, they must be treated in time. If left unchecked, after the illness is serious, it is very likely that perforation will occur, which will endanger life. So, how big is gastric ulcer?

The area of gastric ulcer in most patients is about 1-3CM, and the smaller the area, the lighter the condition. It should be noted that the severity of gastric ulcer depends not only on the area, but also on whether there are bleeding symptoms and whether the muscle layer is damaged. In the diagnosis of gastric ulcer, most people need to do gastroscopy, which can visually observe pathological tissues, and the possibility of misdiagnosis is very small.

The incidence of gastric ulcer is closely related to the infection of germs and drug stimulation, and people who overeat at ordinary times are prone to suffer from gastric ulcer. After the illness, there will be gastric mucosal rupture and bleeding. Usually mild gastric ulcer, the area is less than 1CM, and there are few bleeding symptoms.

If the gastric ulcer is serious, the defect of gastric mucosa may reach more than 3CM. For patients with severe illness, not only will they have bleeding symptoms, but they will also easily lead to perforation if they are not treated in time. Therefore, everyone should actively treat gastric ulcer.

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