How big is the normal cervix?

The uterine cavity is an important reproductive organ, and it is also a fragile place. If women want to get pregnant smoothly, they should also pay attention to the condition of cervix. If some diseases are abnormal, they need to be treated as soon as possible to prevent the embryo development from being affected. So, how big is the normal cervix?

The normal cervix is about 0.6 cm, which is also related to personal development. If a woman gives birth via vagina, the cervix will change, and its size is about 1cm. If the cervix is lacerated during childbirth, the size will also change. If the cervix is large, it may increase the chance of bacterial infection.

When women suffer from cervical inflammation, it will lead to cervical hypertrophy. Mild hypertrophy may not be a big problem. If the situation is serious, there may be more secretions, most of which are purulent, and the phenomenon of backache will occur. Anti-inflammatory drugs should be given to treat them. If accompanied by cervical lesions, partial resection is needed.

The length of cervix is not fixed, which may change in different periods. Moreover, women’s uterine development is different, so it is necessary to judge the actual situation in order to understand the physical condition. However, the number of cervical openings does not have a certain influence on pregnancy, and the factors that determine fertility are complicated, so cervical openings are not the only standard.

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