How can I be infected with hepatitis B virus?

Hepatitis B is a very frightening disease, because it will not only seriously damage the liver, but also cannot be cured. Hepatitis B is an infectious disease. If you want to avoid being infected with hepatitis B, you need to know the transmission route of hepatitis B, and then take some preventive measures. So, how can you be infected with hepatitis B virus?

Hepatitis B virus can be transmitted through blood and sex, and can also be transmitted from mother to child. If people are exposed to hepatitis B virus during blood transfusion and surgery, they may be infected. In addition, when filling teeth, extracting teeth, tattooing and piercing ears, if the appliance carries hepatitis B virus, it is also easy to be infected.

Sexual contact can also infect hepatitis B virus, but the possibility of infection is relatively low. Because when the immune function of the human body is normal, as long as hepatitis B virus does not directly enter the blood, more than 90% of the probability can be cleared by the body’s immune system. Therefore, the possibility of spreading hepatitis B virus through sexual contact is relatively small.

If a woman with hepatitis B is pregnant, it may be transmitted to her children. Therefore, when a woman is pregnant with hepatitis B, she must take some blocking measures, which can effectively prevent the fetus from being infected with hepatitis B.. In addition, if you want to prevent hepatitis B, you can get vaccinated, which is the most convenient and effective way to prevent hepatitis B at present.

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