How can I lose face and double chin?

In contemporary life, many people eat too much food because of bad living habits, such as looking down at their mobile phones or overworking. As a result, some people’s faces will be obese and have double chins, and they don’t look good when they look at them. How can they lose face and double chins?

First of all, when walking normally, you should keep your head up and chest out. Because the muscles of the face and neck relax when you bow your head, which leads to fat accumulation. Therefore, women should walk with their heads up, stretch the muscles of the face and neck, and eliminate swelling. When looking at the mobile phone, you should also raise your head slightly, instead of looking down at the mobile phone.

Secondly, women should develop good eating habits, which is mainly reflected in eating slowly. Chewing food slowly during meals is beneficial to digestion, effectively preventing overeating, reducing weight and exercising the elasticity of expression muscles. After eating, you can massage your face and relieve the fatigue of your facial muscles.

Finally, women can do some exercise to lose face and eliminate double chins, and do head lifting every day. At the beginning of exercise, the range of activities should be smaller to prevent physical discomfort caused by the large range of activities, and then slowly increase the amount of exercise after the body adapts. At the same time, you can also do some face-lifting yoga. Yoga should be simple and daily, and avoid doing yoga with high difficulty coefficient, so as to prevent harm to the body.

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