How can I make my fingers thinner?

The so-called delicate hands are also a standard to measure the femininity. Many women want to have a pair of long and thin hands. For some female friends who feel that their hands are not good-looking, it would be a lucky thing if they could make their hands thinner by some means. So how can we make our fingers thinner?

At ordinary times, you can imitate the appearance of playing the piano, put your hands on the table, gently press down, then lift one finger at a time, and raise it as high as possible. It can be imagined that you are playing the piano, the purpose of which is to stretch your fingers and palms, so that you can exercise your finger agility and make your fingers more brisk. At the same time, rubbing your fingers alternately with both hands regularly and absorbing them alternately with hot and cold water can not only accelerate metabolism, but also make your fingers thinner.

For friends who often use computers and type frequently, they can hold their hands in front and back of their chest and turn around with elbows as the center. The number of times depends on their own situation. This exercise can be done frequently, which can not only relieve the stiff feeling of hand typing frequently, but also have a certain effect on eliminating finger edema. When edema is eliminated, it will naturally appear slimmer.

In the çİş leisure time at ordinary times, you can also use the thumb and forefinger of one hand to stretch the fingers of the other hand from the fingertip, and then stay at the nail, and press it down hard for one to two seconds, and each finger repeats this action five or six times. If conditions permit, it will be better to soak in hot water for a few minutes before doing this action.

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