How can I make my fingers thinner?

Long fingers are what everyone wants, but short fingers and chubby ones are not so good-looking. Short fat fingers make people look as if they have not yet developed, which is not very beautiful. So, how can you make your fingers thinner?

1. Typing, playing the piano, and moving your fingers frequently, so that your fingers are in a state of movement. These actions are to accelerate the metabolism of your fingers by moving your fingers, so that your fingers become thinner and longer. Of course, flushing your hands alternately with hot and cold water at ordinary times can also achieve the effect of lengthening your fingers.

Second, it’s a raise hand, and a relatively simple action like a raise hand is also good for your opponent. Raising hands can make our hands white and tender, and reduce the exposure of blue veins. You only need to do it for five minutes at a time.

Third, make your hands soft by clenching your fists and stretching them out. Stretch your fingers as hard as possible and do it hard for three to five minutes every day.

Fourth, you can relax your hands, and often need to use the computer. For friends who want to type in front of the computer all day, it is recommended that you hold your hands on your chest, and move in circles with the axis of your hand as the center point. The number of times is determined by yourself. Constantly doing it can alleviate the stiffness caused by repeated typing for one day, and also has the effect of eliminating edema of fingers, so that fingers can become thin and long.

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