How can I not lose my hair?

When doing housework, many people are troubled by the hair in the bathroom, which sticks to the mop and is difficult to get off, and it is easy to block the sewer. But the problem of hair loss can’t be solved, and the hair problem in the bathroom can’t be dealt with. Let’s find out how to avoid hair loss.

From the point of view of Chinese medicine, easy hair loss is the cause of kidney deficiency, which means that people with kidney deficiency are more likely to lose their hair. To solve the problem of hair loss, we should not start with the scalp, but should first tonify the kidney. However, kidney deficiency is divided into yin deficiency and yang deficiency, and the methods of tonifying kidney are different according to different conditions. It is suggested to find a professional TCM doctor to take pulse, and take targeted medication for conditioning.

In addition to kidney deficiency, if life pressure is relatively high, hair loss will also occur. If you are nervous at work at ordinary times and often stay up late to work overtime, the probability of hair loss will be even greater. If you want to reduce the phenomenon of hair loss, you should relieve your emotions properly, and don’t let yourself get too nervous. Sleep regularly instead of staying up late.

Pay attention when choosing shampoo, and try not to choose shampoo containing mineral oil, which will stimulate scalp and aggravate hair loss. Instead, it is recommended to choose the effective shampoo with Chinese medicine ingredients. Many brands in the market have shampoos specially prepared for people with hair loss, so long as you choose the anti-shedding shampoo with Chinese medicine ingredients.

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