How can I treat white hair?

For many people, white hair is the most feared. They think that white hair not only affects the beauty, but also makes people mistakenly think that they are very old, which has a certain impact on women’s health. There are many factors that cause white hair, such as heredity, living habits, diet, illness, etc. Some people ask how to treat white hair.

Generally speaking, if white hair is caused by genetic factors, it cannot be treated and can only be solved by dyeing hair. However, for non-genetic premature white hair, it can be treated by conditioning. For example, if white hair is caused by mental factors, it is necessary to learn to adjust one’s mood in time, so that one’s mood can remain cheerful. After a period of time, white hair will decrease.

If it is caused by lack of nutrition, such as long-term lack of vegetable oil, protein, vitamins and other nutrients, it will cause the hair to turn white. In this case, it is necessary to improve the diet. It is necessary to rationally match the diet, achieve a balanced diet, mix meat and vegetables, avoid picky eaters and overeating, and regularly quantify three meals a day. When the nutrition is sufficient, there will be no white hair.

Long white hair caused by diseases, such as tuberculosis, hyperthyroidism, endocrine disorders, etc., are all consumptive diseases. Because some drug chemotherapy is needed, the hair will turn from black to white. In this case, the hair will turn white. After the disease is cured, the hair can be slowly improved and turned back to black through coordinated diet and exercise.

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