How can massage eliminate decree lines?

If a woman’s face grows a decree pattern, it will give people a feeling of unfamiliarity and rigidity. The decree pattern is the best indication of our age, so we must pay attention to removing it. In addition to massage techniques and other methods, we need to start with prevention if we want to avoid the young appearance of Fa Ling Wen. So how can massage eliminate the decree lines? Let’s take a look at it!

First, press Yingxiang point with your fingers, and press and rub it back and forth three to five times, so that you can massage whenever you have çİş free time. Massage the position of Dicang point again, then press and knead it to Yingxiang point, and press this point in an arc pattern, with a total of 5 groups back and forth. Then find out the cheek-cart point of the face and press it, which is very helpful to eliminate the puffiness of the face, and at the same time can make women’s skin firmer.

In addition, massage the zygomatic acupoints in circles for 10 times, and the force is not too great when pressing. Paying more attention to massage and maintenance at ordinary times can make women look more energetic and younger. At the same time, we should pay attention to keeping a good mood, which is also the key to women’s health. Women can learn more about acupoints at ordinary times.

Moreover, the decree pattern will make a person look no longer young, so fighting against the decree pattern is a problem that every adult woman needs to pay attention to. Mastering some massage techniques and preventive measures is the best way to remove decree lines and keep perfect appearance.

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