How can stretch marks be eliminated for more than ten years?

Many pregnant mothers have stretch marks during pregnancy, which is one of the reasons why many pregnant mothers are distressed, because it is difficult to eliminate stretch marks. But it’s not absolute, it depends mainly on one’s physique, because some people don’t have stretch marks at all. So, how can stretch marks over ten years be eliminated? Get to know each other.

There are several good ways to treat stretch marks. The first is egg therapy, that is, first clean the abdomen, keep it clean, then massage for about ten minutes, then pour the egg white in the place with stretch marks, wipe it off after ten minutes, continue to massage the abdomen, and add some olive oil to help improve the therapeutic effect. It can even be wrapped in cotton cloth and replaced the next day. This is not only helpful to the recovery of body shape, but also conducive to the disappearance of postpartum stretch marks.

The second method is to choose the lotion and massage cream suitable for one’s body constitution, and massage and wipe near the stretch marks to increase the elasticity of skin and muscles and blood circulation, which can play a very good role in weakening stretch marks.

Therefore, only by adopting correct and scientific treatment methods can we effectively remove stretch marks. I hope these two methods can help more treasure mothers who are still struggling to eliminate stretch marks. I believe we can learn from it and find our own way.

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