How can thin legs not grow muscles?

If a woman’s legs are thick, when she wears clothes like this, she will be out of proportion, which will hurt her self-confidence. She wants to help her legs lose weight quickly through various correct methods, but she can’t grow flesh at the same time. So how can she thin her legs without growing muscles?

1. At this time, women should never take oral diet pills or diet, because it is easy to rebound, and it will bring certain damage to various organs of the body. They can choose simple and effective methods in their daily life. For example, women can sit on the ground, raise one foot and keep it at a right angle, and then beat their legs with two clenched fists for 5 minutes on each side.

2. Every night, you can also put the bath salt down in the barrel for soaking your feet, where the water will submerge your knees, so that you can relax your legs, and then massage your legs to help blood circulation and achieve the purpose of stovepipe. You can also put your feet directly on a very high platform, and let your legs press down as much as possible, and keep them for 20~30 times at a time.

3. You can also lie flat on the ground with your legs straight up and at 90 degrees to the ground, and then use a rectangular towel to keep your toes upright, and press your hands down hard to keep your hands and feet straight at the same time. This set of actions must be done 40 times in a row before you can achieve the goal of stovepipe. In your diet, you should eat more sesame tofu, spinach and peanuts and eat less salt to remove edema.

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