How did the baby’s crotch become red?

Children need careful care from their parents. When children have abnormal symptoms, parents should take their children to see a doctor in time. When some parents bathe their children, they will find that the skin in their crotch is red, so they are very worried about the bad symptoms caused by diseases. So, how did the baby’s crotch get red?

If a child’s crotch skin is red, it may be caused by prickly heat. In summer, it is very easy to sweat, but children’s metabolism is vigorous, so they will sweat more, which will easily cause prickly heat, such as armpit and crotch, which is the place where prickly heat grows most easily.

When children grow prickly heat, they will have red skin and pimples. If it can be confirmed that it is prickly heat, you can give your child some medicines to treat prickly heat. Moreover, in normal times, children should be bathed frequently, and the affected part should be kept as dry as possible, which is helpful to the recovery of the disease.

If you don’t do a good job of hygiene for your child, you may also have redness in your crotch, which is usually caused by the skin irritation caused by dirty things. For example, if diapers are not replaced in time, urine and feces will irritate the baby’s skin, resulting in red buttocks. In addition, the redness of the skin under the child’s crotch may also be caused by eczema, which requires timely treatment.

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