How do adults physically cool down with fever?

Fever is a common symptom, so many people don’t pay much attention to it, especially for adults. Most people think that fever is the same as a cold, and they will recover after a while, but it is not. If fever is serious, it may cause many diseases, such as liver injury. So how can adults physically cool down their fever?

1. use medical alcohol and warm water, then wipe the limbs, armpits, back and other places, be careful not to use pure alcohol.

2. Ice or apply ice to the patient’s head, because most of the body’s heat dissipation is lost through the head.

3. Wet compress can help patients lower their body temperature. Hot compress can also reduce fever. However, when patients feel uncomfortable with heat, cold and wet compress should be used instead of hot and wet compress. Put wet and cold towels on the forehead, wrists and calves of patients, and cover other parts with clothes.

4. If the patient’s temperature rises above 39.4 degrees Celsius, do not use hot compress to reduce fever. Cold compress should be used to prevent the patient’s body temperature from rising continuously. After cold compress reaches body temperature, change it once.

5. Wipe the patient’s whole body with sponge to reduce the temperature. Although you can wipe the whole body with sponge, you should also pay attention to some parts with high body temperature, such as armpit and groin of patients. After squeezing out too much water from the sponge, wipe one part at a time and cover the rest of the patient with clothes. Body temperature evaporates the water, helping to dissipate heat.

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