How do gout patients exercise?

The incidence of metabolic diseases is relatively high, gout is relatively common and belongs to chronic diseases. Besides long-term treatment, special attention should also be paid to diet and life. If there is not much abnormality, proper exercise should be carried out normally. However, how should gout patients exercise?

Gout patients can step on pebbles barefoot, which can accelerate the metabolism of the body. When barefoot and without socks, walking on pebbles directly can stimulate the nerves on the soles of the feet and improve the endocrine function. Gout patients often have symptoms of joint pain, so they can usually do swimming, which can relax bones and muscles and relieve joint pain.

When jogging, the oxygen consumption is obviously increased, and the metabolic rate of the body is also accelerated, which can regulate the metabolism of uric acid and has a certain regulatory effect on diseases. Walking quickly is also a suitable exercise, but attention should be paid to the time of exercise, which is generally not less than 30 minutes, and knee pads can be worn to reduce the damage of knee joints.

Gout patients are not suitable to take part in strenuous exercise, and can’t do manual labor for a long time, such as playing ball and jumping, etc., so long as they insist on reasonable exercise, and they should grasp it well by themselves, and it is advisable that they don’t feel tired. In terms of diet, gout patients should drink plenty of water, don’t eat too much high purine food, and at the same time, they should get rid of bad living habits and not smoke and drink frequently.

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