How do gout patients nourish liver and kidney?

In life, some people’s diet, life and rest are not good for a long time, and their body resistance will decline, which will easily lead to the invasion of bacteria and viruses, resulting in physical problems. Therefore, there are many gout, hypertension and diabetes patients in the society. To solve gout, hypertension and other problems, patients should always pay attention to their diet, daily routine and so on. Then someone asked, how do gout patients nourish liver and kidney?

Gout patients are prone to gout attack, which is caused by poor diet and daily routine. Especially in diet, gout patients often eat meat and drink, which easily affects liver function, leads to elevated blood lipids in the body, affects blood circulation of the body, and is not conducive to toxin discharge. Moreover, high purine content in fleshy food is easy to produce uric acid, which leads to aggravation of liver and kidney damage.

Therefore, in order to supplement liver and kidney, patients should not eat fleshy food, but eat more low purine foods, such as corn, eggs, animal blood, vegetables and fruits, etc., to supplement body nutrition and improve body resistance. Patients can eat peach porridge every day, that is, mashing peach kernels and mixing them with dried rice to make porridge. Eating peach porridge every day can promote blood circulation and improve gout symptoms.

Besides peach porridge, patients can also try lily soup. Wash lily and medlar, put them into a pot and boil them into soup, and drink some every day, which can moisten lung and relieve cough, treat gouty arthritis and improve the physical condition of patients. Besides paying attention to diet, patients’ daily life and rest also need to be adjusted, that is, patients should exercise every day instead of sedentary, otherwise, the body’s blood circulation will be poor, and metabolites such as uric acid will be easily deposited, which is not conducive to the recovery of illness.

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