How do people who are often constipated recuperate?

Constipation is not uncommon. Every time it occurs, it will bring people a very uncomfortable feeling. When going to the toilet, it will be very painful. It will take a long time to discharge the stool. Moreover, it is very difficult to defecate. After going to the toilet, people will sweat all over. So, how can people who are often constipated recuperate?

People who are often constipated can recuperate from their daily life. When they get up every morning and drink a glass of water, their intestines need to be lubricated. Drinking water keeps their intestines in a lubricated state and makes their stools diluted, which is beneficial to the discharge of stools. After drinking water, they should go to the toilet and develop good habits, regardless of whether or not they have a bowel movement.

Keep your daily diet light, and don’t eat too much greasy food, which will consume too much water, make your intestines dry, and make it difficult to excrete your stool. Usually, you should eat more vegetables and fruits, which will speed up the peristalsis of your intestines, and can also adjust the balance of intestinal flora and make your bowel movements smooth.

Constipation is related to many factors, and people who exercise less are prone to constipation. Regular exercise can not only improve immunity, but also make the blood circulation smooth, and the metabolism of the body will also improve. If you sit still often, the gastrointestinal peristalsis will slow down, and the food will not be digested in time, which will eventually lead to constipation. Therefore, you should get up and walk properly and insist on a certain amount of exercise every day.

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