How do pregnant women give birth smoothly?

At present, the general cognition is that natural delivery is of great benefit to the mother and baby. Compared with caesarean section, the best advantage of natural delivery is that it can prevent the pregnant woman from being “stabbed” and can recover better after delivery. However, in order to have a better delivery, there are many things to pay attention to during pregnancy. So how do pregnant women give birth smoothly?

First of all, during pregnancy, in order to give birth smoothly, we must pay attention to a balanced diet, and don’t make yourself too fat. If you eat too much, you may cause the fetus to be too large to give birth. In addition, you can also go outdoors for a walk at ordinary times, instead of staying in bed for a long time, which is not conducive to production.

The four factors affecting normal delivery are mainly fetal size, productivity, birth canal and mental psychology. Only when these four factors coordinate with each other can the process of natural delivery be completed. Therefore, it is necessary to get out of bed as much as possible after labor, and cooperate with doctors to relax, which is conducive to the opening of the uterus. Before labor, try to eat more high-calorie foods, store energy and save physical strength. When contractions are strong, you can take deep breathing exercises to relieve pain.

If pregnant women are in good condition in all aspects, they can have vaginal trial delivery, and the process of natural delivery is a natural phenomenon. However, if there is a cephalopelvic disproportion, the fetus is huge, the bone birth canal is abnormal, and the mother has complications and cannot give birth via vagina, cesarean section should be carried out in time to avoid affecting life safety.

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