How do seven-year-old children quit dependence?

Now parents take care of their children in every possible way, which makes it easy for children to rely too much on their parents. Therefore, parents should cultivate their children’s independence from childhood. However, parents should pay attention to choosing the most suitable age to cultivate independence. So, how can 7-year-old children quit dependence?

It is a gradual process to get seven-year-old children to quit dependence, which cannot be achieved overnight, so parents should be patient. From the beginning of children’s schooling, we should pay attention to cultivating independence. If parents make up their minds, they must stick to it. If you withdraw halfway, you may make your child more dependent.

Parents can set some tasks for their children and give them certain rewards when they are allowed to quit their dependence on their parents. For example, let children fold quilts, sweep the floor, etc., and pack their own school supplies. Maybe children can’t do well at the beginning, but parents can give guidance. After a period of time, children can accomplish many things independently.

Besides behavioral dependence, children’s psychological dependence should also be reduced, so it is necessary to cultivate children’s thinking ability. Parents can let their children express their views on certain things and give them comments, which can make their children think independently. In addition, parents should convey some daily knowledge to their children.

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