How do stretch marks disappear after giving birth?

I believe that many pregnant women’s biggest rival after giving birth is not weight, but the sudden appearance of stretch marks. Most people will be troubled and troubled by stretch marks, and they still don’t know how to relieve them. So how can stretch marks disappear after giving birth?

For young mothers, although it is very important to feed their children after giving birth, it is also necessary to restore their body to shape. After all, beauty has nothing to do with identity. Stretch marks on the skin will seriously affect the beauty, which not only makes people afraid to wear shorts, but also gets in the way in summer. The elimination of stretch marks must be combined with diet and massage, otherwise it is difficult to get obvious results.

Because stretch marks are wrinkles produced under the relaxation of the body’s skin, if you want to eliminate them, you must reawaken the activity of the skin, and at the same time properly control your weight. It is best to do a massage every day, so that the parts with stretch marks can be constantly stimulated. After supplementing collagen and various nutrients, the symptoms of stretch marks can definitely be relieved to some extent.

However, most foods containing collagen belong to the category of high calorie and high fat, such as pig’s trotters, pig skin, meat skin, etc. Eating too much will seriously destroy the defense line of weight control. But as long as you eat it in moderation, the effect is actually very good. At the same time, the puerpera should take proper exercise. After three to six months of postpartum recovery, they can take some exercise to strengthen their physique and improve the situation of stretch marks.

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